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Whilst demand for energy and natural resources continues to grow, creating great opportunity for the sector, a range of economic, political, commercial and physical or technological issues create sources of risk that require successful resolution.

Mining and Energy is a core area of focus for FeriSamad Attorneys at Law. Our lawyers are highly skilled at helping clients across the mining, energy and natural resources sector to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and protect their interests


We advise multinationals, investment funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, strategic investors and domestic corporations on all types of Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) transactions. Our services include advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, due diligence, document preparation and relevant implementation processes


We represent borrowers and lenders on all aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy. We act for steering committees to large troubled debtors and provide local law assistance in restructuring their external debt. This covers all aspects of corporate and financial restructuring. Our experience in complex bankruptcy situations permits us to respond to insolvency litigation and initiate it where necessary


We have a team of lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling all types of labor issues in the context of business transactions and daily operations. We assist clients not only in establishing labor management systems and handling human resources problems, but also in settling complicated employment disputes.

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